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Basic Guide on How to Mine

For those of you who have mined in Final Fantasy XI, you will notice a more involved method with mining in Final Fantasy XIV.
This guide will give the very basic tips on how to mine.

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Equip the Primary/Main hand tool:

Before mining, you will need to purchase the correct tool.
If you need to purchase the Weathered Pickaxe, you can get that information from the Tools / Locations page.


To equip the Primary/Main hand tool, open the menu by pressing the minus “-“ key (found on num pad).
Select Attributes & Gear.
Select the Main hand icon, and from the items list, equip the Weathered Pickaxe.

Selecting the Primary tool will change the class respectively.




Mining through a Levequest:

Pick a mining levequest from one of the NPCs at your city’s guildleve counter.
Each city will have its own guildleve issuers:


Gridania:  Gontrant (land/war guildleves)




Limsa LominsaLimsa Lominsa: - Piralnaut (land/war guildleves)





Ul’dah: Totonawa - (land/war guildleves)



Once you receive the levequest to mine, go to the corresonding Aetheryte and initiate
the levequest.

Follow the guided arrows on the map to the mining point.


Get close to a mining point (pictured above), and open the menu by pressing the minus “-“ key
(found on num pad).  If you’re close enough to the mining point, you will have the option to Mine.



After choosing to Mine, you should see a similar picture below.





The Grade of the mining point determines the difficulty and type of items you will receive.
You can adjust the Exposed Ore meter up/down to any desired point.



After you select the desired point on the Exposed Ore meter, select the option to Strike in the
Approach box.  You should then see a circle in the Strike target display will move in/out.

The Remainder gauge tells you how good your swing is (how close you’re to the actual target).
If the Remainder gauge is depleted, you will end your try.



Guessing Game:

From here, it’s a pretty much a hot and cold game where the following hints are given:

You feel nothing promising.
You should try a different area far away from your last hit.

You are close to something, but cannot yet extract it.
This means that you’ve got the right spot, but will need to hit the same spot again to get the item.

You are getting farther from the mark.
Like it says, your last swing is far from your original swing.  Change the direction from your original swing.

You lose sight of what felt like a (item).
You got the right spot, but your Remainder gauge depleted after the last swing.

You are getting closer to the mark.
Make a little adjustment close to your last swing to get the item.

You feel something promising.
You should try a different area somewhat close to your last hit.


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