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Basic Guide on How to Craft

For those of you who have crafted in Final Fantasy XI, you will notice a more involved method in crafting in Final Fantasy XIV.
While having the opportunity to test the Beta version of FFXIV, I noticed that some players were have issues figuring out the
basics on how to change to a class and start crafting.  I designed this very basic guide with this in mind..

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Equip the Primary/Main hand tool:

You can craft though a levequest or through a known recipe.


If you need a list of recipes, check out the Recipes Main page.
Before crafting, you will need to purchase the correct tool.

(i.e. Blacksmith will need the primary tool called the Weathered Cross-pein Hammer)

If you need to locate and purchase the starting tools, you can get that information from the Tools / Locations page.


To equip the Primary/Main hand tool, open the menu by pressing the minus “-“ key (found on num pad).
Select Attributes & Gear.
Select the Main hand icon, and from the items list, select your tool.

Selecting the Primary tool will change the class respectively.


You can craft by choosing a levequest or through a known recipe.


(1) Crafting through a Levequest:

Pick a crafting levequest from one of the NPCs at your city’s guildleve counter.
Each city will have its own guildleve issuers:

(City of Gridania shown)

Gridania Guildleve


Gridania:  Tierney – (craft guildleves), Gontrant – Gontrant (land/war guildleves)




Limsa LominsaLimsa Lominsa: - T'mokkri (craft guildleves) and Piralnaut (land/war guildleves)





Ul’dah: Eustace (craft guildleves) and Totonawa - (land/war guildleves) 



After choosing the levequest, ensure that you have the correct materials listed under "Progress".


If the Progress is not shown and you don't have the materials, find the person that you need to "Deliver To" in the levequest.


*Note the materials received from a levequest will not be stored in your normal inventory and can only be used for that particular levequest.

*Note - If you need to check the details of the levequest:
Open the menu by pressing the minus “-“ key (found on num pad).
Select Journal.
From the drop down menu select “Local Levequest".

You can now start to craft.



Start crafting:

Open the menu by pressing the minus “-“ key (found on num pad).
Select “Synthesize”.

From the synthesis menu, click on “Requested Items” if you’re going to craft through a guildleve.
The required items should populate according to the guldleve quest.



(2) Crafting through a Known Recipe:

If you want to craft using your own recipe, choose 1 of the 8 empty slots (show in the image above),
and select the materials for that recipe instead.  After the items have been picked, select Main Hand.
If the correct materials are used, the recipe (sometimes multiple recipes) will be shown.

Choose and select your recipe to start crafting.


You should now see a menu with a Timer and Progress bar with these 4 commands:

Standard Synthesis – Synthesize in a normal manner.
Rapid Synthesis – Synthesize with an emphasis on efficiency.
Bold Synthesis – Synthesize with an emphasis on quality.
Wait – Wait without altering the current synthesis.


The object is to get to 100% Progress without Durability dropping down to 0.
The timer will also count down until a command is chosen. If no command is chosen within that time period, the Durability will decrease.
If the Durability drops down to 0, the synthesis will fail, and you will lose all the items used for that craft.



If a command chosen is successful:

Standard Synthesis will generally give you a normal increase in Progress, with a greater amount of Quality than Rapid Synthesis.
Rapid Synthesis will generally give you a larger increase in Progress than all the other commands but at a sacrifice of Quality.
Bold Synthesis will generally increase Progress slightly, but can give you a larger amount of Quality.
Wait can be used to change the stability of the crystal.


The Quality will increase after using a synthesis command successfully.  How much of an increase or decrease (if unsuccessful) is
determined by the type of synthesis method used. Higher Quality items can increase the overall performance and net you a high quailty item.

Delivering the completed items (for a levequest) will give you an award based on the overall quality/performance.


This site is dedicated to the art of crafting for FFXIV
I will be adding information and changes that I see fit for this fan site.

Please help support this site and check it out every now and then for any updates.

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