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Welcome! This site is dedicated to the art of crafting for FFXIV.  If you’re like us and enjoy the art of crafting in FFXI, please check this site out every now and then for any updates. 

If you'd like to add any information/feedback please send to



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Stick with us :) We will be updating this site with the current ARR info !












Legacy updates (old):

* Gathering Maps to be added/modified soon *

Added Camp Bentbranch gathering map

Currently modifynig Maps and layout




Added Gathering Maps (Work in progress) - Any contributions to the maps are appreciated :)

Ul'dah - Camp Black Brush gathering map

U'dah - Camp Drybone gathering map

Basic Fishing tutorial




Armorer Recipes

Alchemist Recipes

Goldsmith Recipes

Carpenter Recipes

Culinarian / Cooking Recipes

Blacksmith Recipes

Leatherworking Recipes

Weaver Recipes Page 1 || Page 2



Tools and Locations

Ul'dah Vendor Maps

Ul'dah Vendor Maps

Gridania Vendor Maps

Apparently there have been changes in item locations and prices from Beta. I will address this issue and post updates as soon as possible. Again, if you would like to continue to contribute any information or have any feedback, please send it to Suggestions. Thanks!




Site updates:

Added Basic How to Craft Guide.

Updated Synthesis Recipes.


Added crafting vendor maps and items for Ul'dah. Gridania and Limsa Lominsa to be added soon.


Old Beta News

Added/modified recipes: armorer, alchemist, carpenter, culinarian, blacksmith, goldsmith, leatherworker, and weaver



Added starting tools and vendor location for each city: Grinadia, Limsa Lominsa, Ul'dah,

Updated beta recipes.


Added armorer, alchemist, carpenter, culinarian, blacksmith, goldsmith, leatherworker, and weaver recipes (beta).


Added - Disciples of the Hand - armorer, carpenter, goldsmith.

Added - Disciples of the Land - fisher.

Added 2 more ffxiv beta videos showing a mining quest and another blacksmith synthesis video .

Crafting video from showcasing the blacksmith skills. From the video, you can see how it's more involved in synthesizing materials. The multiple synthesis options can be seen here...

Added another nice video from showing a mining point waiting to be excavated.

Combined FF14 info:

Added - Disciples of the Hand: alchemist, blacksmith, culinarian, tanner, and Weaver.

Disciples of the Land: botanist, and miner.

final fantasy 14 news:

Update on ffxi release date:

4/23 - An article from Nikkei Trendy Net has CESA chairman and Square Enix president Yoichi Wada revealing that FFXIV will be slated for 2010 release and not 2011 as suggested previously.

Various videos of ffxiv beta / alpha:

As seen on the FFXIV Channel on Youtube:

ff14 beta video JP: FINAL FANTASY XIV "Life in Eorzea" #1

ff14 beta video: FFXIV Character Creation -


ff14 beta video: FFXIV - Arc Gameplay, Scounting #2 - by

ff14 beta video: FFXIV - Character and Menues - by

ff14 beta video: FFXIV - Arc vs Bats - by